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IL-MUNXAR, another of the smaller villages of Gozo, lies to the south of the island between Ix-Xlendi valley and the village of Ta' Sannat. Its name is derived from a distinguished feature of the area. Munxar is Maltese for "bucksaw", a saw set in an adjustable H-shaped frame, used for sawing firewood on a buck. The imagery is suggested by the promontory that runs from behind the village church sawing into two the surrounding area creating the Wied tal-Ghancija, "Ghancija valley", on the Il-Munxar side and Wied Ix-Xlendi, "Xlendi Valley", on the Il-Fontana side. This place-name is not restricted to Gozo: a similar headland in the east of Malta is also known as Munxar. The name is first recorded as ll Monxar in a notarial deed of July 2, 1584.
Il-Munxar Local Council.
Profs Guze` Aqulina Street, Il-Munxar MXR 1012, Gozo, Malta
Tel: (+356) 2155 8755 - Fax: (+356) 2155 8787.

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